Key legislation

Animal Protection and Control Act

Animal Protection and Control Regulation



Reports of companion and livestock animal cruelty can be made to the Agriculture Department by phone (867-667-5600; 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5600) or email (animalhealth@gov.yk.ca).

Investigations & Enforcement

The RCMP, and enforcement officers or special officers sworn as peace officers are responsible for animal protection in the Yukon.

Police officers/RCMP who conduct animal cruelty investigations are unionized through the NPF.

Funded publicly through government/police funds.


No case statistics are freely available online.

Human-Animal Wellbeing and Supports

The provincial government’s ‘Community Dog Care Initiative’ helps communities with the tools they need to care for dogs.

Kona’s Coalition, a Yukon animal charity, provides pets with places to stay while their owners are in crisis. It also provides grant funds to low-income individuals to cover veterinary costs.