Prince Edward Island


animal protection

To report suspected cruelty for companion animals, call: 902-892-1190 ext. 21 and ask to speak to an Animal Protection Officer or email with the subject line “ATTN Animal Protection Officer.” If outside of standard operating hours, members of the public can call 902-892-1191.

Only concerns related to companion animals are reported through the PEI Humane Society. Wildlife and livestock matters are addressed by and reported through the provincial government:  902-368-4880 for any livestock concerns and to 902-368-4683 for wildlife concerns. More information here.

Investigations & Enforcement

The PEI Humane Society

The PEI Humane Society enforces the provincial Animal Welfare Act and Dog Act (laws concerning companion animals) under contract with the provincial Department of Agriculture. There are three full time Animal Protection Officers and two part time and/or relief officers. Officers are on duty or on call seven days a week (24/7).  Protection officers are members of LIUNA Local 900.


Data compiled from the PEI Humane Society. Year 2008 to 2009. Animals seized: 7. Year 2009 to 2010. Animals seized: 107. Year 2010 to 2011. Animals seized: 34. Total investigations: 883. Year 2011 to 2012. Animals seized: 21. Year 2012 to 2013. Animals seized: 24. Total investigations: 772. Year 2013 to 2014. Animals seized: 84. Humane investigations: 310. Bylaw investigations: 447. Total investigations: 757. Year 2014 to 2015. Open cases: 760. Closed cases: 707. Animals seized: 42. Humane investigations: 366. Bylaw investigations: 342. Total investigations: 708. Year 2015 to 2016. Open cases: 694. Closed cases: 617. Humane investigations: 345. Bylaw investigations: 307. Total investigations: 652. Year 2016 to 2017. Open cases: 724. Closed cases: 678. Humane investigations: 371. Bylaw investigations: 188. Total investigations: 559. Year 2017 to 2018. Open cases: 978. Closed cases: 964. Humane investigations: 567. Bylaw investigations: 205. Total investigations: 772. Year 2018 to 2019. Open cases: 957. Closed cases: 933. Humane investigations: 526. Bylaw investigations: 197. Total investigations: 723.

Information compiled from the PEI Humane Society.

Human-Animal Wellbeing and Supports

Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island

The Atlantic Veterinary College received a grant from PetSmart Charities of Canada to run a pilot program for pet owners with low incomes.  The clinic may be affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

Elder Dogs Canada works to keep seniors together with their animals as long as possible with volunteers help with daily care tasks. Free services offered include:

  • Support with acquiring food and feeding
  • Assistance with animal grooming and care
  • Minor grooming such as nail clipping or help with brushing
  • Transportation to and from vet or groomer
  • Temporary care during hospitalization

Spay Aid PEI was established in 2007 by a group of citizens to provide financial assistance for low-income residents of PEI to spay or neuter their animals.